I came across Yoonla while searching for a way to improve my youtube vidéos qualities on internet.

Yoonla was created by an internet marketer named Reno Van Boven and officially launched in September of 2016.

I saw that there’s been quite a bit of interest in this platform and I was curious, so I signed up to see what it was all about.

Read my review to see how it works.

What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a platform that shows complete beginners how to make money online with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing.
CPA is just a form of marketing that pays you without even making a sale.
For example, when someone fills out a web form through your unique link, you get paid a few bucks depending on the individual CPA offer. This form of marketing has been around for many years and can absolutely create a legitimate income for those willing to learn the ropes.
In addition to a respectable training system showing you how to make money with CPA and affiliate marketing, you get a bunch of cool bonuses like lead capture pages, digital products to give to subscribers and other tools to help you make money. All of which is 100% free for life.

Foundation Training Summary

I have to say, Yoonla as a very well put together training on the basic elements of list building and CPA/ affiliate marketing sales funnels. It’s more a weird style of training than marketing concepts but this is enough to get you up and running.
Even if you don’t buy any of the products recommended, it’s well worth creating a free account to benefit some of this value and learn some new skills in my opinion.

Promoting Yoonla​

Yoonla has it’s own CPA offer in place which pays out $2-$4 just for getting people to submit their name and email into a simple web form. This is higher than the average CPA payout and while that may not sound like much money, it likely converts well since it’s free and full of value. It will also add up!
The $2 commissions are earned for any traffic you send that completes the form, while the $4 commission is for those residing in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. The reason being, the quality of traffic is generally higher in those places so they pay you more for it.​
There are other products coming to the platform which will pay you 60% commissions on anyone you refer. The ‘cookies’ last for a year so if you refer a free member in January and they buy something in December, you’ll bank the corresponding commission.
I personally think this is both an ethical and a profitable thing to promote and the fact that the system leads with free value first before asking for a cent.

My Crush for Yoonla

·         ​It has a high value training and products for free
·         It gives a step-by-step tutorial on creating capture pages, email follow ups and more
·         The founder Reno has a good track record online
·         It teaches people good marketing principals instead of spammy tricks
·         The plateform gives potential to make some good money promoting this while building a quality email list
·         They recommends decent products and services
·         The Yoonla fondation has an active support below each training and through email tickets

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